Our mission is to mold the school community to be : “Maka-Diyos : maka-tao, maka-buhay, maka-bayan at maka-kalikasan” by providing a holistic formation.





A Catholic institution of learning offering the basic curriculum to students, equipped with the understanding and value of their Christian faith, and imbued with the Gregorian spirit of leadership service and excellence


Saint Gregory Academy was founded in 1965. It is a catholic school owned and operated by corporation of the Diocese of Imus and the people of Indang. Situated in the center of the town of Indang, Cavite, it is adjacent to the parish church and is opposite the municipal building.

Looking back in 1964, Msgr. Mauro de Leon, the parish priest of indang that time along with a retiree from the government service, though of putting up catholic school, an institution different from those already operating in the town. They contacted some interested individuals from the place for the establishment of Saint Gregory Academy in honor of the Patron Saint of the parish.

It was July, 1965 that Saint Gregory Academy opened its doors to welcome the first and second year students. Six rooms of the convent were utilized as classroom with 12 full time teachers. Msgr. De Leon served as its first director and Pedro Creencia as the principal.

After the first year of the operation the diocese of Imus took over the management and put up 60% of the capital stock while the lay people contributed 40%

Complete high school was in operation on the second year and the first academic building was constructed. On April 28, 1967 the school received it certificate of recognition signed by the Secretary of Education, Hon. Carlos P. Romulo.

With the able leadership of the administrators of the school from inception up to the present, Saint Gregory has grown gradually. When Fr. Redentor S. Corpuz was appointed principal in school year 1980 – 1981, he continued what the past administrators had begun. During his term, he worked on the establishment of the Pre-elementary and Elementary Department until their recognition on April 18, 1983 and 1986 respectively
With Fr. Corpuz’s love and zeal to serve the church through the education system and with his managerial skills, he has spent a great deal of his time and effort in helping the school to improve through the years. He initiated ways and means to raise funds in order to meet the needs of the growing population. Fund raising was in terms of holding raffle draws, concerts, and donations from friends and parents. These fund raising activities have been successful with the cooperation of parents, teachers, and friends, his linkages with different agencies and institution have facilitated the students’ acquisition of scholarships for college education. Also, the teachers could easily avail themselves of the trainings and seminars for their professional uplifting because of these linkages. Acquisition of the books and other equipment has been made easy through the book foundation and other agencies.

To develop the students’ academic potentials, leadership and fellowship, they are sent to summer camps, trainings, workshops, sports fests and the like. Likewise, the school participates in the diocesan programs such as teachers’ assemblies which aim to provide a continuing education that will strengthen the teachers’ commitment of service to the faith. Service to the community is also a concern of the present administration. This is done through community outreach program like putting up livelihood projects to help augment the income of the beneficiaries. Teaching catechism in the public school is also a way of reaching out to the pupils and way to participate in the evangelical programs of the church and the community on special occasions is also a way of reaching out them.

The school is also involved in helping maintain the ecological balance of mother earth by providing seedlings to selected students in the different levels to be planted in their respective backyards. The public schools in Indang also received seedlings from the school. To date, teachers and students have attended a number of tree planting activities and coastal clean-up drives sponsored by other institution.

The principal sees to it that teachers receive salaries at par with the salaries of public school teachers.

Forty-six years is a long stretch of time especially for a school that is trying its best to live up to the expectation of parents, students, alumni, the general public, and the principles for which it was founded. Through the years, SGA has tried to prove its worth by making education relevant and responsive to the needs of the times, imbued with the Gregorian spirits of academic excellence, service and values formation, may SGA continue to grow in molding and guiding the students into becoming productive citizens and responsible Christians who are makaDiyos: makatao, makabuhay, makabayan, at makakalikasan.


St. Gregory Academy

After it was founded in 1965, St. Gregory Academy has been striving to provide quality education to its students. Over the four decades of the school existence, students are not only being taught with academics and leadership but with spiritual knowledge as well.

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